Week 2, I’m OVA you!

Week 2 in my fitness journey was filled with ups and downs, mostly downs. It was hot and humid here, like running in a rain forest. Everything hurt, and felt swollen, heavy and snap, crackled AND popped! I didn’t have any injuries, my body was just getting used to being active again and it was rough. 

Monday-rest day which I needed after my long Sunday run.

Tuesday- 3 mile run. 90 degrees, evening run on the road and track. I started off low and slow like I always do, but I felt more like I was shuffling along, than actually running. My legs felt heavy and uncomfortable, my shins were tight and felt pulling and snapping- I should have expected this considering I hadn’t warmed up. I kept moving because I know at my current pace 3 miles will take me between 35-40 minutes, and I already wanted it to be over. At mile two I paused my work out and readjusted my shoe laces, my sneakers felt so tight, it was as if I had gained 100 pounds with how heavy I felt and how tight my sneakers were. I made half a mile more until I had to loosen them until they were almost falling off, I walked my last half mile feeling defeated 

Wednesday- 2 miles or 30 minutes of cross training. I opted for two miles, to take it easy and see if I was just off my game the day before. NOOoope! Still felt heavy and slow, but again- summer and Maryland heat! My bottom line for these two days was I wanted to give up every other 30 seconds, but I kept pushing until I met my goal! Reward, cold shower, cold g2 Gatorade.

Thursday- 3 miles! I decided to mix things up today and go for a morning run. You may not know this yet, but I am not a morning person,  never have been probably never will be. I set out on my morning run adventure hoping the cooler air would help my speed and spirits. It helped for the first mile, but then the heat seemed to hit me from all directions, including from my core. Sweaty and glowing with heat I pushed through, and inevitably I felt my left foot go numb with a half mile remaining. I still don’t know why my foot was having issues and my time kept getting slower! 

Friday- rest day! I opted to walk on the treadmill just to reach 10,000 steps.

Saturday- 30 min cardio. laziest day ever! Greg and I went grocery shopping so we could meal prep for the 7 day slim down challenge (check out tone it up, it’s one of their programs) if you are interested. And then we did our work out- spin class! I forgot how much spin makes you sweat.

Sunday-4 miles- run day.   It was hot, I was obviously sweaty, but I did it! Greg could tell I was going to cry because I felt so discouraged, but I held it together and finished week 2! I’m lucky to have his support and encouragement.

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