Thank you for stopping by my page. About me…Where do I begin…Well this is me! My name is Nikki and Surprise! I’m a ginger.

5_19 selfie

I am a young thirty something woman, finishing her second masters degree (woohoo), working for a hospital in Maryland, as a project administrator in the diversity and inclusion department. I live with my boyfriend Greg, he is a physical therapist, an amazingly hilarious handsome human, but his one downfall-he has a history of killing plants.

I am originally from Connecticut, I lived there for the first 28 years of my life. Moving to Maryland was a huge adventure for me, I knew no one here just that i was offered a job and I had to see where it would take me. My family lives in Connecticut still, with a few sprinkled down in Florida and New York state. I try to see them all as much as I can living 5 hours away.

My current life goals include:

  • Finishing a second masters degree
  • Buy house with Greg
  • Take the GRE’s (YIKES!)
  • PhD Program? If they let me in, I’ll do it
  • Get back into my pants-they don’t seem to fit anymore
  • Get back into running-to get back into my pants
  • Become a PMP certified project manager
  • Get my Lean Six Sigma Green-Belt
  • Learn french
  • Travel
  • Be a good person
  • Document as much as I can


I think thats enough for the next 5-7 years.

Any questions you have along the way, please check out the Contact me page.