The real running struggle

As I previously had mentioned, I used to be an avid runner. My fastest 5k was just under 30 minutes, my pr 1/2 marathon was 2:31:xx and my fastest lone mile was somewhere just under 9 minutes. I’m saying I have never been a fast runner, but that never stopped me from signing up for new races all over the country-who doesn’t love a run-cation and seeing old friends!

Then I moved to Baltimore, September 2014 for my new adventure living away from every human I had ever known. I may have already been 28 but I threw myself into the deep end of actually growing up all at once, no toe dipping going on here.

When I moved here I would go for a walk around my neighborhood, but I was super paranoid. Please note I lived in literally the nicest part of Baltimore city-Roland Park, if Baltimore had a real house-wives, it would have been filmed there. But still, living in a city I was uncomfortable running any time past 5:00pm, and exploring the area alone-I’m a female, and the only people who knew my alive status regularly were my sweet landlord, my boss and my friend Amanda. It would be 48 hours before anyone got concerned if i didn’t return, and again I was not a fast runner if I was going to be chased!!

Then I discovered the free gym at work and would go at night to the secure building or stay right after work, but never really “getting my run on”. I went from being fitbit competitive with my co-workers to being fitbit shamed as I sat at my desk and saw their step count rise like my inactivity level was.

Fast forward June 1, 2017, living with my boyfriend Greg, not in the city just outside of it and having a gym in our building and I joined one. How often do I go..rarely, how often do I get my 10,000 steps a day..50/50. I did recently start walking/jogging in the past 3 weeks about 4x/week to get my steps and to get back into those pants! Its still not enough though, so today a new month, I need to commit to a training program.

I deferred my Baltimore half marathon 2016 registration to 2017 and would like to do it. I have been taking better care of myself by eating healthier (thanks #TIU and the motivation you have given me with your community), so I am hoping-fingers crossed with my new diet choices and this running program I can get back in those pants and be ready for the Baltimore half marathon this fall.

Today is day 1! Interestingly enough on this plan its a rest day..doesn’t make sense, but I will do a little run today! And this weekend, Bel Air 5k, my goal is to finish and do my slow run/jog the whole time.

Wish me luck!

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