Weekend of workouts

Saturday– After I had an excellent first run in my program Friday night, I celebrated with my version of #frose (frozen rose, raspberry seltzer 1/2+1/2, and only two glasses). Given I haven’t been drinking much alcohol lately in an effort to fit back into my pants, that was a lot of alcohol for me. Sooo, I may have woken up feeling slow, and sluggish, with sore legs. 

Greg and I are trying to do all the Maryland hiking trails over the next 1-3 years, so he was eager to go on a hike from the moment he woke up at 6 am. I slept until 8:30 and immediately needed coffee to get my life together. Greg knows how to put me in a good mood as any good boyfriend would know how to make his girlfriend happy-brunch. I quickly got my happy face on, a cute outfit and brushed my teeth and we headed to first watch for brunch. 

I ordered a breakfast sandwich with avocado, eggs, bacon, arugula, and a lemon sauce on an brioche bun. I don’t think my sandwich had enough of the delicious lemon sauce which would have made it over the top delicious, otherwise it was good. Greg got shrimp and grits and his was way better, he also ordered 3 beverages- some type of morning juice, iced coffee and a water. After we finished and greg chugged his gallon of miscellaneous liquids we headed home to change for our hike.

We opted to go to Lake Frank/Rock Creek park for a 4.3 mile hike. I felt nauseous on our way there which was AWESOME-opposite. The nature center there was pretty cool, especially for kids. Then we started our hike. The first mile was a crappy confusing circle around a pond, which led us to old historic huts and a creepy the hills have eyes/the ring hillside underground room. Sooo Creepy! The rest of the hike was more what we were looking for, including crossing a wide creek, a view from the top of a damn of the lake and some post apocalyptic abandoned parking lots. We also found a sassy mini trail, Old Nasty, which will forever be part of our vocabulary now. 

Our ride home we feasted on cold grape Gatorade, “meatstick” (a fancy jerky stick from Trader Joe’s) and granola cups. 

After taking the best shower I have ever had, Greg and I made our home chef meal which was comprised of steaks, string beans, cauliflower au gratin for me and mashed potatoes for Greg. Fast forward a few hours, lots of cold la croix, and catching up on Vampire Diaries on Netflix we both passed out for the kind of sleep where you wake up in the same position you fall asleep in.

Sunday– Race day. Over a month ago at Greg’s nephews communion, Greg’s sister and I thought it would be a great idea to sign up for the bel air town run. Get back into working out and prepare us for the savage race next year. We consider our selves an “amateur sports team/ atheltic group” we call ourselves Keep the Change. Yes, like from home alone. 

Greg signed up weeks ago and I waited to the last minute which is unlike me. So, I signed up Friday and picked up our packets in advance-which is SO like me. The swag was, OK, Cotten blend tshirt, no women’s sizing, a huge water bottle and a reusable bag. If we are being honest I have done races before-only for the swag. 

We got a call last night saying Greg’s sister couldn’t do the race because she didn’t have a baby sitter for 3/4 kids- the oldest was going to run it. I am a very understanding person, and I understand her situation not a problem, but I can’t stand it when people break plans-especially if I was looking forward to them or it signified something for anyone involved. For me this was one of the first steps in my new athletic program, gaining control of my life again because I had started to not recognize myself and I needed to do something about it. Then I came to the realization, even if she wasn’t doing the race, she helped get me to take the step to register and thats the most important part. I will push her next time if I feel it’s a goal of hers, but if it’s not nbd.

Anyways the race itself, I always start 3/4 of the way in the pack because I’m a slow runner. Mile one a very low grade incline, mile 2 there was a downhill which I let my arms go and breezed down, I always try to make up time on down hills, mile three interval hills and plateaus and then the finish line! Today was a good start to excercising again and fitting back in those pants!  Tomorrow is a rest day after 3 days of serious moving and Monday but I will take the rest day.

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