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Memorial Day Weekend(MDW)

First I would like to thank the men and women that have made sacrifices to protect and serve our country and give us the freedoms we all often take for granted. So thank you!

This weekend on Saturday Greg and I took the opportunity to check out a few houses  in Frederick, MD. IT IS FAR! from where we both currently work, I didn’t realize how far it was until we had to make a pit stop on the way there. In typical Greg and Nikki form I stopped to use the bathroom and he stopped to get a Popeyes chicken box. I enjoyed the aromas of the fried foods and buttery biscuit, while I drove and he read his hiking book while enjoying his hundreds of calories as a blissful passenger.

An hour and then some later we ended up in Frederick and found the community we were looking for. We already know the layouts and features of this builder so we didn’t need to go inside, but we wanted to see the layout of the community, lot size, and area amenities. All of these things we perfect, including close schools and a Wegmans within 4 miles. But still its far, probably a little too far-which is probably why its affordable. Bummer. Its our back up to our back-up which we haven’t found yet.

Sunday we started the day by sleeping in, for me until 10am which is really late for me, and for Greg 7:00am. We are very different people, but someday I will be grateful that he is a morning person. It was beautiful in the morning so we ventured over to the college across the street and went for a run (again its a his and hers thing) Greg ran the whole time, I walk until I get to the track and alternate walk/run when i get there. I’m building up my endurance again, I used to run (slowly) half marathons, and now I can barely run a 5k. I will get there!!! Since its a new month in just a few days, its a great time to start my half marathon training plan again-I may be signed up for the Baltimore half in October….time to get my life together. Here is a picture of Greg and I after our Sunday exercise, he was not thrilled about the picture.


Then his family came over to hang out at our pool, and I made a bunch of food. A delicious grilled corn texas caviar dip, non-mayonaisey herbed potato salad, salmon cucumber skewers, watermelon/mint/lime popsicles-adult and kid friendly and fun-fetti RWB cupcakes. Gregs parents brought shrimp, hot dogs, zoodles salad and his sister made pb&j cookies -lots of food. After eating, it started to rain to we brought the party up stairs and ate all the sugary treats and made a fort with Greg’s nephews (ages 3,5,7) his niece hung out but she is almost 1 so she was invited after construction.


Monday, was a lazy Monday we spent the day cleaning, lounging and watching House of Cards. All in all it was a good weekend, and it took me until Monday to figure out #MDW=Memorial day weekend…

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