*Dealers choice* Day

In-between the running days the program asks me to cross train, I can walk, jog, bike, do a fitness class, play tennis, or swim. I used this “free exercise day” to work on my mile, just one. I walked to the track and laced up for the mile, setting my goal to finish and be faster than my 5k pace. I set-out at my half marathon pace (my best was around 10 min/mile).

It was late afternoon on a hot and sunny day, and at the college track I go to, there were lawn maintenance workers every where! Most normal people would waved and smiled, but I’m allergic to grass and have asthma! So I waved and had a half grimace on my face while starting my run/shuffle. I felt the mucus in my nose start flowing. Whats worse than having the sniffles when you run (well besides, not breathing and running trots)?!?!

I use the nike run app, it puts me in competition with any running friends I have, has all my runs logged since 2013, tracks my splits, and shows the gps map of my run. -Sidenote- when you run on a track you can’t tell one lap from the other unless you click the splits tab, so it still works.

I know when I run I’m working with a 10-12:12 minute mile. That means 2-4 songs on my play list and I’m done! on the track 3-4 laps (depending on the lane) and I’m done! My 1 mile run had started, I started with about an 11 min/mile pace knowing I could be faster given the short distance-but I am always weary to run out of gas. It was hot, my body temperature immediately went up, my skin went from pale white to hot pink within the first 1/4 mile. I could feel my lungs burning and my skin tightening from the suns rays. Almost halfway through-a miracle happened, those blessed landscaper turned on the sprinklers! I moved from lane 8 to lane 3 to feel the mist on my skin, it instantly cooled me down-for 100 meters. I realized my lungs were burning more than my muscles so I increased my pace, I just wanted it to be over. I checked my app-3/4 of the way done, ahhh sprinklers again. I pushed myself to get through the last lap and turned up my music it was just me at this point-no one was around. I have pushed myself to the point of dry heaving before it was embarrassing and gross-but with no one around i didn’t care if it happened, I would deal with it when my run was over. And like magic…my run was complete *1 mile completed, time: 10:31* Jogs to the sprinkler-SOAKED! felt SO good! Reward, I walked back to the apartment.

By the end of the day I met my step goal, hit a decent mile pace and stayed on track for my program.

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