Week 3, 7 day slim down 

Seeing as I had “completed” the tone it up bikini series and looked exactly the same, I had a wake up call. And that wake up call was I wasn’t serious enough to make a change. Comparing week 1 to week 8 and seeing ZERO changes, made me so sad and feel depressed. Ladies, gentleman, people who want to be fit, it’s true- you can’t wish yourself skinny or into your size 4 pants.

After sobbing over this revelation to greg he committed to meal prep with me for the 7 day slim down. The tone it up girls were using it as a way to lose the last 1-3 pounds from the bikini series or a way to slim down before an event and help debloat. I was using as a way to kick-off losing weight, and get over a few fears.

I going into this week I had a few things to worry about:

  1. Will I have enough energy to do my running schedule- you bet your ass I was sticking to it.
  2. Will I over- eat because I’m increasing my exercise and eating a mostly veg and lean protein diet?
  3. Will I go off the rails on day 3 and eat a snickers bar, tacos and a margarita?
  4. What if I stick to this plan for 7 days, and nothing changes just like it always never changessssz….(temper tantrum voice).
  5. Greg..Greg! Will he have enough food while I am on this diet? An entire 7 days he needs to eat all healthy prepped foods and no pastas or potatoes?
  6. Wait…I’m not eating pasta or potatoes?! Wtf??!?!?!

To get Greg on board we doubled his meal size for breakfast/lunch meals and at dinner again extra protein with added pasta or potatoes for him. I honestly love a good meal made of penne or a baked potatoe smothered in butter bacon sour cream chives chili and cheddar cheese, but I have some damn goals- those pants doe- and because of my hypothyroid too much bread/starch makes me bloated and constipated-TMI-but seriously deal with it.

I set out into the tone it up recipe archives. When those fit ladies start a new series or program they send you a meal plan, grocery list and fitness schedule. Katrina and Katrina practically do everything except exercise for you- although they do the excercises your supposed to do, but doesn’t help you any if you don’t do it too! In the 7 day slim down I used 50-ish%of those recipes  including:

  • Zucchini egg muffins
  • Veggie tray meal +a protein
  • Hummus recipe
  • Smoothie recipe

From their regular meal plan and recipes they post to their site:

  • Overnight oats
  • Chickpea salad+42 3/4 grain bread(or something else ridic like that I got from wegmans)
  • Grapefruit summer salad

And from no ones meal plan:

  • Greg’s Hawaiian veg bake and seared tuna
  • Wegmans Greek turkey sliders and zucchini noodles

We modified a little, which I can say truley set us up for success. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach and I also bought food to meal prep:

  • Tiu(tone it up)mushroom turkey burgers
  • Tiu Italian bowl
  • Beet hummus

We never made those last 3 meals. #ripgroceries, what a life lived!!!! Finding the balance of buying enough and over buying is something I am still working on. I love food, that’s part of the problem here and as much as greg wants to eat and I have good intentions to eat all the veggies, he eventually goes into a food coma and I get full. I will give myself props on never over-eating, my issue I have discovered is eating the wrong things and not moving after.

Any ways so this week my work out schedule was:

  1. Rest
  2. 3.5 miles
  3. 2.0 miles or cross training
  4. 3.5 miles
  5. Rest
  6. 35 min cardio
  7. 5 miles

This week was also week 2 of my Microsoft project course in the evening for work, so I really needed to plan my days to fit all this exercising in.

Monday’s are always easy. I either walk to get my steps or if I get halfway (5,000) I’m cool with it.

Tuesday-3.5 miles, they weren’t that bad, dare I say enjoyable!? Enjoyable other than the running club at the track. Let me take this as an opportunity to say- read this rant blog about running etiquette. Any ways, I felt really encouraged by my slight increase in pace and my continued motivation to stick to my plan.

Wednesday-2 miles or 30 minutes of cardio. At work we have community engagement wellness walks. They are a way for employees to get fit, become engaged with the community around our hospital and to make the community feel it’s less of a us vs. them situation. Well, my department is now running these things, and I really appreciate my co-workers, they help me out ALL the time, so I said I would come in just to help with the walk. It’s been hot in Maryland, so I wasn’t getting my work clothes gross, so I wore running shorts a worn appropriate shirt, sneakers and a hat. We walked about 1.5 miles and there was the walk to the start and back to the office. I ended up not having time to do a 2 mile run, but I did get my steps!

Thursday-3.5 miles- I did it again! Easier, didn’t feel that bad, about the same time as Tuesday.

Friday- rest day- I was determined to get a new vacuum. Being a fresh 31 year old woman, I was sick an tired of living in a dusty/linty apartment. Its no ones fault really, just our vacuum was a little older and the suction wasn’t as strong as it probably once was. All I wanted as a gift from my parents was a new vacuum, so from their gift and the gift from my grandmother, I did some research on vacuums. I have a lot of allergies, so I wanted one with a hepa filter, and if it was good for having pets even better. “Nikki, what pets do you have?”-None. But I shed a lot of hair, so would it be so bad to get a little extra help when cleaning??

Mom and I did some independent research and she found a Dyson vacuum on Macy’s web-site *on-sale* from $599.99 down to $299.99. I called and they said if I opened a Macy’s card, I would get the extra 20% off it…SOLD! So I drove to Macy’s picked it up and brought it home.

I opened the box, felt JUST like Christmas…and I was disgusted. Someone had returned this one, there was lint and hair in it and all the beautiful clean plastic packaging had been ripped open. It didn’t feel like a birthday present, it felt like a freakin re-gift. In the back of my head I could hear my mother ( who was totally right)” always open it before you leave the store to make sure its ok and isn’t missing anything.” I mean, I check my bag at chik-fila 90% of the time, sooo why didn’t i check inside of this heavy box. I called them right away, and spoke to a sweet woman with a southern accent who put a new vacuum on hold for me to exchange this used….thing with.

When I got there the sales girl was younger, and hip (GOD I SOUND OLD) with piercings and dyed hair and a really laid back attitude, even she could see no one should have sold this used lint trap to me. I checked the box this time….AHAHA! Perfect, clean, unopened and shiny.

I had never been more excited to vacuum before. Read it again…..ok good. I may never say that again. After assembling the vacuum, which was very easy, I cleaned our living room/kitchen. *Perfection*. I even sent Greg pictures of the vacuum. All that going back and forth to and from my car and Macy’s, I got halfway to my step goal-not too bad for a rest day.

 I want to circle back to the 7 day slim down, I followed the plan the entire week, with the exception of a brownie parfait Friday night. I will give my review of the slim down after I post my week 4 post.

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