Motivate Me! An early fitness plan slump.

I stuck to my fitness plan consistently and religiously for 4 weeks, minus one long run. In that time I have managed to get 5 pounds  off, which almost gets me over “the hump”.

If you have ever tried to lose weight you know what the hump is. For me, it’s the weight I haven’t been below since December of last year. I know once I have reached that range it’s no longer water weight and questionable- it’s real life weight loss.  Just this week I skirted right on that line, and I was so excited—I celebrated with cookies and not running. Why am I my own worst enemy? Two days later I’m back up 1.5 pounds which feels like the beginning of a discouraged downward spiral.

So how do I save myself from this? How can I snap myself back into the zone I have been out of for 2 solid weeks? My two mile run Sunday and 1 mile run last night don’t really count, I’m kind of beyond those distances unless I’m sprinting them- which is not happening unless I start including interval training.

Well….great news! Help is on the way!! The ladies from tone it up are starting a new program on Monday- Summer Tone-up. While I didn’t follow their workout plan during the 7 day slim down, I followed their meal plan and it helped get me back into eating 85% healthy and cheat free. I also believe meal prepping saves me. When I don’t meal prep I eat from that deep dark place of hunger, where your cravings live- like ugly old witches preying on sweet innocents like me that just wants to fit back into my pants. So I will head to the grocery store, and meal prep!

Monday is July 24th, that’s 39 days, 6 solid weeks for me to do work before my friend Jessie’s wedding Labor Day. Could that mean 6 more pounds? I’m excited just thinking about losing 6 pounds! Monday starts the summer tone-up, and restarting week 4 of my running plan.

Wish me luck!

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