“Week 4” and “week 5”

After having ran my longest distance on Sunday 5 miles!!!! (Although you know I split into two runs that day) I felt confident about my weekly schedule ahead:

Monday- rest

Tuesday-3.5 miles

Wednesday- 2 miles of cross training

Thursday-3.5 miles

Friday- rest

Saturday-40 minutes of cardio

Sunday- 5 miles

Monday’s are always enjoyable, I took it easy. 

Tuesday I got after that 3.5 mile run, and I forgot to switch my Nike running app back to outdoor mode! So Nike definitely made me run more than 3.5 miles. But the good news is, I did it and I’m happy about it. 

Wednesday 2 miles, I had a lazy in between day and walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill. I reached my 10,000 steps and ate really poorly for dinner (Reese’s and chips). I don’t recommend doing this, but I also believe in not depriving yourself. I can identify I am a crash and burn dieter. When I deprive myself for too long I go completely off the rails and make bad choices for days!! So the fact that my “dinner” was satisfying and I didn’t even want or need more food after that, I can live with this. 

Thursday- 3.5 miles, I tried to convince Greg to order pizza, he wasn’t interested so I went for my run. It didn’t feel that bad at all, except I wore shorter shorts and do you know what that means?!?! Leg chaf!! I’m not a particularly large woman, nor am I petite, even at my most fit form I am always between the two. BUT, given my current physic, I my thighs still touch and I need either longer shorts or lots of Vaseline/body glide. Because of this, my run was uncomfortable and I wasn’t as happy with it, but my time is getting better!

Friday-rest. Well Ok!!!! I packed for my weekend getaway with Greg to Annapolis.

Saturday- 40 minutes of cardio- FAIL! I did no exercise except walking around Annapolis, I did however reach 15,000 steps which I am ok with.

Sunday- 5 miles- not even close!!! 10,000 steps

-Week 5-

Monday rest, I did it! And I also started 🤢 sick.

Tuesday-4 miles-nope!

Wednesday-40 min cardio-nope!

Thursday-4 miles-nope! And stomach bug there you are! I woke up sick, and took the day off because of it.

Friday rest, you bet your booty I was resting! 

Saturday-45 min cardio- nope! 

Sunday-6 miles- OH, HELL, NO!! I started to feel better but not 6 miles better. I ran 2 miles and it felt ok, but I wasn’t focused. I knew I was ready to start fresh this next week.

I think the moral of this post is, I had a plan but life got in the way. If you look at my activity I didn’t veer too far off course, and it’s important to take those rest days. My body went from mostly sedentary, to diving into a running program. 

Listen to your body when it hurts or your tired, don’t make excuses either. Some days you need to dig deep for motivation, others you could be sick or hurt….big difference! 

Given my race date is October 20th, I am starting week four over this week and am getting my head back in the game.

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